Electrosluts Presents: To Sovereign with Love

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Looking for a place to eat, Aiden’s dining experience is ruined by surly, uppity waitress Sovereign Syre. But unlike the average jane, Aiden buys the restaurant outright and comes back to fire Sovereign, personally. Realizing that Chanel Preston, hostess of the restaurant, is Sovereign’s girlfriend, Aiden makes a very indecent proposal of the electrosex kind to both of them to keep their jobs!
Though they have thought they needed to fuck for their nine-to-fives, Aiden has something much more depraved in mind, showing the two how she made her fortune in lesbian BDSM. Sovereign is covered with sticky pads and her body spasms as the electroslut’s pussy is violated with the violet wand.
But that’s not all, she’s tied up in lesbian BDSM to a pussy plate as she’s made to watch Aiden own the sopping wet cunt of her girlfriend, Chanel, with an electro strap-on as Sovereign looks on. Now the lesbian cuckold, Sovereign watches as the love of her life penetrates Aiden with non-electric strap-on, giving orgasm and orgasm to her tormentor and new lezdom mistress..