If you Want to get Fucked you have to Shock Yourself

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Juliette March once told me that she can walk into a dungeon, see all the corporal implements laid out on a table and not feel a single fear because she knows she can take A LOT! When I asked her about Electrosex, she started to shy away, her hands started to sweat and she became bashful. It was clear to me that she have a deep seeded fear for this particular type of play. I asked her what’s she’s so scared of and she replied with, “It’s shocking!” Well, no shit Sherlock! I love little girls who are scared of electricity. But what I love more, it to make little girls who are scare of electricity shock themselves. Mistress Lorelei Lee came prepared with an electro stap-on and a remote box that will not turn below 10. Juliette has to will herself to sit on a charged cock and feel that sharp arch before she experiences the sensation inside her juicy wet cunt. Because we all know what Juliette March lives for: to GET FUCKED!.